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The Largest Producer Of Pulp And Paper In India

The Largest Producer Of Pulp And Paper In India

Kraft paper is a natural and biodegradable material, which is why there is a growing business around such pulp and paper. Shree Varudi is one of the largest producers of pulp and paper in India and we welcome you to come and join us for some exclusive products by your side. Our Kraft papers are widely used in industrial and commercial sectors for packaging and protection.

The natural and woody-looking texture means that it is highly suitable to a wide range of branding options. We use modern technologies and some high-end tools to produce Kraft papers for your daily use.
So, next time you are looking to enter the pulp and paper industry and get some of the best products from its source, visit us right away! You can email us at or give us a call at +91 94848 22222 and we will cover all your needs, within the given stipulated time frame!

Types of paper we are producing at Shree Vardudi

Before you move on with our pulp mill and procure some of the best Kraft papers to lay your hands on, we would like to offer you some information on the types we have in store. Check out the two major options from our side, in order to make the right decision with your selection process.

•    High BF Kraft paper


BF is the abbreviated form of bursting factor. It plays a major role to manufacture papers, mainly while dealing with the Kraft options. As you can understand quite from the name, our high BF Kraft paper will show some of the best durability quotients of our items. It will show how much pressure a Kraft bag can take before it can tear up into smaller pieces.

•    Low GSM Kraft Paper

Another interesting option that you can get from our side is the Low GSM Kraft Paper and it is forming a major scale in terms of the pulp and paper industry.  This kind of paper is usually used for making postage boxes and some cardboard envelopes. The strong nature of this product makes it highly durable than most of the other packaging substitutes available these days. Such products offer the best resistance to piercing, with minimum material cost.

The Development of the Pulp and Paper Industry

Before you proceed further with our finest collection of wood pulp paper from Shree Varudi, we would like to have a chat regarding the development of the pulp and paper industry. It is considered as one of the largest industries in the world and it consumes most of the resources like wood and water every year. 

•    These industries will be using wood as raw material and produce paper, pulp, paperboard, and other forms of cellulose-based items.
•    The online sales of pulp and paper items are growing not just in India but in different parts of the world. And this trend is expected to grow in upcoming years.
•    It is partly because of online shopping that now needs some innovation in the packaging section for optimizing the display of the items on the shelves.
•    The growth has actually encompassed a higher demand for raw materials these days, alongside corrugated boxes.
•    You can see a growing number of the required items immediately with little lead time.
•    It will include both next-day and same-day product delivery services.
•    In terms of a production standpoint, the main goal of this pulp and paper industry is to offer services faster without sacrificing quality.

The development has now come a long way since its inception and the growth is likely to invite some new technologies along the way.

How does pulp become paper?

For most of you, the idea of pulp packaging is relatively new and you have no clue about what to expect from the source. But, once you have given our products a try from Shree Varudi, you will realize the reasons behind our growing importance these days. But, before any of that, you might want to learn how the pulp becomes paper. Well, for that, make sure to check out the points, listed below.

•    The pulp is fed into the paper machine, where it gets formed as a paper web and then the water is removed by using the pressing and drying technique.
•    Pressing the sheet helps in removing water by applying force. When the water is forced out from the sheet, a special form of felt is used for collecting the water.
•    Drying technique in the pulp and paper mill will mostly involve using heat or air for removing water from the paper sheets.
•    During the early times, this drying technique was done by hanging sheets like laundry.
•    Now, in modern times, we will be using different forms of drying mechanisms to get the task covered.
•    On the paper machine, the most common is going to be the steam-heated can dryer.

What makes us the largest producer of the Pulp and Paper Industry?

It is true that you will come across so many companies, claiming to offer the best paper and pulp products at your service. But, what makes Shree Varudi the name you can trust? We are noted as one of the prestigious Kraft paper manufacturers and also your one-stop call for covering all your Kraft paper needs.

•    We will help you to explore all kinds of Kraft paper rolls.
•    Right from GSM 60 to GSM 200, we have loads of options for you to try out.
•    Moreover, we have BF ranges from 18 to 35, giving us the golden chance to match with the flexible needs of our clients.

We are here to not just make our clients happy, but our team is taking care of the environment as well. From our side, you will receive some premium quality bags, paper rolls, Kraft packaging items and some high BF wrapping papers. All these are noted to be 100% recyclable, which is why they are targeted as eco-friendly options too.


1. Which city is known for paper industry in India?

Nepnagar is a city known for its paper industry in India. It is home to factories that produce high-quality papers and packaging materials. Additionally, Nepnagar has a large population of people who require labels for their products, which necessitates the use of paper labels.

2. What is pulp in the paper industry?

Pulp is the fibrous, woody material that remains after papermaking has removed all of the water and other bodily fluids from wood fiber. This process is called bleaching, and it results in a high-quality paper stock that can be used to make finished products such as books, magazines, newspapers, or boxes.

3. What are the two types of pulping?

There are two types of pulping - fines and sedimentation. 

Fine pulping is used to make paper and textile products from wood that has been treated with a chemical called lignin. This process breaks down the lignin in the wood, leaving behind small pieces of cellulose which can then be turned into paper or textiles. Sedimentation pulping is used to produce pulp for various other industrial applications, such as packaging and adhesives. It works by slowly squeezing out water from the fibers in the material being processed, which forces out larger particles along with it.

4. What is the difference between paper and pulp?

Paper is made from the pulp and fiber of trees, while pulp is a by-product of papermaking. Paper typically refers to the higher quality papers such as newsprint and tissue paper, while pulps are used for less expensive products like writing and printing ink.

The main difference between paper and pulp is that paper can be processed into myriad different types of products whereas pulps are limited in their versatility. Pulp can be steam or water washed to remove impurities, then bleached (to remove color) or heat treated (to make it soft). However, these processes often result in reduced environmental impact since more energy is required than simply burning wood.


Article Published :18-11-2022

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