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leading manufacturer and exporter of High BF Kraft paper | Shree Varudi

High BF Kraft Paper

High BF Kraft Paper

Manufacturer of High BF Kraft Paper

High BF Kraft Paper Technical Specifications :

Product High BF Kraft Paper
Thickness 175
GSM Range 60 - 200 GSM
BF Range 18 - 35 BF
Color Natural Shade and Gold Shade
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Our High BF Kraft Paper Products

BF is the abbreviated form of bursting factor, which plays a pivotal role while manufacturing papers, especially brown Kraft paper. As you can understand from the name itself, High BF Kraft Paper shows the durability quotient of our products. It shows how much pressure the bag can take before tearing up. As made using paper materials, each bag has a fair capacity. So, it is our duty to understand the same.

  • At Shree Varudi Papermill LLP, we are ready to manufacture High BF Kraft Paper Board and papers, ranging between 18 and 35 BF.
  • The GSM of the highest brown Kraft paper will be ranging anywhere between 50 and 100 GSM.
  • Furthermore, to improve the longevity of our products, we maintain the perfect moisture standard of the product.
  • Unlike our competitors, we take the proper time to maintain the balance of GSM and the High BF Kraft Paper Sheet.


Other than that, we are using 100% recyclable raw materials for manufacturing paper rolls. It clearly portrays that our High BF Kraft Paper Rolls are eco-friendly in nature. Right from food manufacturing to stationary, education to electronics, construction, e-commerce, and even the automobile sections are using our premium quality High BF Kraft Paper.

Why Us


We are always there to offer a higher BF count on Kraft papers, resulting in better RCT value.
From us, you can expect to get high strength, good quality, and low weight core pipe. It helps in maximizing the proper utilization of the paper reel.
We need to understand our flexible customers and what they are looking for. So, you can always count on us for customized solutions.
While packing or even loading our products to be dispatched to their new address, we take special care. In the end, we ensure safe and timely delivery of our products all the time.
For covering GSM and moisture testing, we will be using the most modern technology possible. It helps us to deliver nothing but the best to our clients.

Make sure to email us your queries and we are more than ready to help solve your issues.

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