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leading manufacturer and supplier of Low Gsm Kraft paper | Shree Varudi

Low GSM Kraft Paper

Low GSM Kraft Paper

Manufacturer of Low GSM Kraft Paper

Low GSM Kraft Paper Technical Specifications :

Product Low GSM Kraft Paper
GSM Range 50 - 100 GSM
BF Range 18 - 35 BF
Color Natural Shade and Gold Shade
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Our Low GSM Kraft Paper Products

Presenting Premium Quality Low Gsm Kraft Paper

We welcome you to come and join our respectable Shree Varudi Papermill Factory, where we are ready to manufacture some of the low GSM or grams per square meter-based Kraft papers. We are noted to produce  Low Gsm Kraft Paper in different qualities and sizes, just to fit the market bill and follow what our esteemed customers want.

Learning about GSM:

In layman’s terms, GSM is stated as a metric, which will let you understand the exact weight of the paper. We have Low Gsm Kraft Paper Board as well. Our Low GSM Kraft paper will range right from 50 to 100 GSM. Now, depending on your choice and need, you can pick whichever package you like the most.

More about thin papers:

With a lesser GSM count, you will receive thinner papers as a result. Then, our Low Gsm Kraft Paper Sheet comes with a higher BF value. It deals with the strength and quality of the paper. The one thing that differentiates us from the rest is that we have perfected the right balance between low GSM and high BF to create world-class products in the end.

And the best part is that we are thinking about the environment, unlike any of our other competitors. So, we have worked hard to create 100% recyclable Low Gsm Kraft Paper Rolls to venture out. 

You can see the use of our high BF Kraft papers in multiple industries. Whether in the education sector to electronics, foods to the retail sector, we have covered multiple branches now!

Why Us


We are always there to offer a higher BF count on Kraft papers, resulting in better RCT value.
From us, you can expect to get high strength, good quality, and low weight core pipe. It helps in maximizing the proper utilization of the paper reel.
We need to understand our flexible customers and what they are looking for. So, you can always count on us for customized solutions.
While packing or even loading our products to be dispatched to their new address, we take special care. In the end, we ensure safe and timely delivery of our products all the time.
For covering GSM and moisture testing, we will be using the most modern technology possible. It helps us to deliver nothing but the best to our clients.

Make sure to email us your queries and we are more than ready to help solve your issues.

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