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Kraft Paper Supplier Singapore

Kraft Paper Supplier Singapore


Through its finest quality Kraft paper goods solutions, Shree Varudi has been a prominent package supply company and in particular a leading kraft paper bag supplier in Singapore, and it has committed its experience to offer custom-made package product solutions to commercial, e-commerce, and retailing business across the nation.

The focus at Shree Varudi is on providing consumers with a diverse choice of packaging materials at the touch of a button via their 24/7 available services and accessible locations through their distributors. It aspires to be a dependable and viable solution for all kinds of packaging requirements in a wide variety of sectors.

Why does Singapore Prefer Shree Varudi?

Shree Varudi's kraft paper product range has been painstakingly created to provide its clients with the finest available materials. Their ecologically friendly kraft paper products are being used to turn paper into foldable boxes and containers in the packaging industry. Recycled elements help corrugated box makers reduce their carbon footprint.

Kraft papers have one of the best recovery and recycling of any materials, which contributes to its position as a 100 % green packaging alternative. These elements are employed in a variety of sectors such as e-commerce, electronics, automobiles, construction, food service, stationery, and academics. All kraft paper products are made from natural and renewable fibers and are totally sustainable.

The precise balance of high BF (Bursting factor) and low GSM determines the longevity and qualities of a paper. Shree Varudi, being a prominent kraft paper producer, can create, transport, and distribute Kraft paper solutions all over the world due to their decades of industry expertise. 

Kraft paper solutions are designed under the imaginative direction of their bright professionals, employing superior-quality components and adhering to quality requirements. For packing purposes, the offered board is in great demand in the business. They provide this Kraft Board in a range of finishes at the most affordable prices.

What Is Unique About Them?

They achieve a unique blend that also meets the demands of the Indian marketplace, and also exports and supplies all over the world. These kraft sheets are produced utilizing cutting-edge technology and skilled workmanship. Their manufacturing technique is built on the reprocessing of both domestic and imported scrap paper, stressing their environmental commitment. 

With their product quality which circles around the production of the most eco-friendly kraft paper solution, they are preferred across the globe. Also, because of their extensive experience in the sector, they are able to create just about anything under the sun as per the specific requirement given by their clients. As a manufacturer, the production quality is always maintained and even stressed to be improved to match the global standards and also set a benchmark in the market.

Shree Varudi, a top kraft paper bag supplier in Singapore, is the market leader in Singapore. The company has a large distribution infrastructure that comprises very effective sales representatives, end consumers, dealers, distribution centers, and speedy delivery capabilities.


1. What is the difference between kraft paper and craft paper?

Kraft paper is a type of paper that is typically made from wood pulp and processed with sulfur dioxide. It has a smooth finish, is strong and tear-resistant, and can be used for printing or wrapping products.

Craft paper, on the other hand, is a type of handmade paper that is made from cotton fiber that has been spun into yarns then dried. It's often preferred for use in art projects because it's delicate enough to create beautiful details but still sturdy enough to hold up under pen or pencil strokes.

2. What is craft paper used for?

Craft paper is used for a variety of reasons, including making arts and crafts, packaging materials, and writing surfaces. It's also often used as the front cover for books or magazines. Craft paper is made from wood pulp that has been treated with a water-soluble dye so that it produces an aesthetically pleasing result. This type of paper is smooth to the touch and can be decorated in many ways using different types of ink or paint.

3. What are the different craft papers?

There are a variety of different craft papers, including cardstock, paper patterned Papers and tags, felt, wrapping paper/christmas lights fabric etc. Some common types include:
· Cardstock - This is a lightweight but strong stock that's commonly used for greeting cards or making cutting boards. It can also be cut into various shapes and has a high resistance to tear.
· Paper Patterned Papers - These papers are made from one continuous sheet of paper that's been printed with various images or patterns. They're often used for crafting things like invitations or birth announcements.
· Felt - Made from woolen cloth woven with cotton thread, felt is soft to the touch yet stiff enough to hold its shape when being worked with scissors or adhesives.

4. What is the difference between craft paper and chart paper?

When it comes to writing or drawing with a pen and paper, the type of paper that you use can make all the difference. Craft paper is made from recycled fibers and has a textured surface that makes it easy to write on. It also absorbs ink quickly so your handwriting doesn't smudge.
Chart Paper, on the other hand, is designed for more formal purposes such as presentations or drawings. It's usually smooth and non-textured which means you have to be careful not to drag your pen across the page too much when writing or drawing. Additionally, chart paper does not absorb ink as well so your work will appear darker than if you were using craft paper.


Shree Varudi, a kraft paper packaging supplier in Singapore, has been at the peak of its trade and has made significant achievements in the Singapore market. Kraft papers are utilized in a wide range of applications throughout the country, and Shree Varudi is one of the top providers in the nation.

Kraft paper is utilized in a range of businesses across industries, including retail and significant packaging industries. Shree Varudi is the top kraft paper bag supplier in Singapore and has gained the support of this global conglomerate.

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