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Kraft Paper Supplier Malaysia

Kraft Paper Supplier Malaysia

Malaysia has a very large market for the packaging sector. Given that the country in its own right is on its way to becoming a 1st world country the varied need across sectors and areas for great quality kraft papers is also at its peak. Kraft paper manufacturer in Malaysia, Shree Varudi has been one of the most widely accepted names in the industry and had a lasting impression on the market that is not easy to surpass. 

As the leading brown kraft paper supplier in Malaysia, Shree Varudi has not taken over the retail sector but has also successfully made its way into the demanding commercial and business applications. Packaging and other paper solutions are commonly used due to the apparent rise of many commodities industries. This is where kraft papers have had a significant impact in this Southeast Asian country. Shree Varudi is Malaysia's premier kraft paper maker, renowned for its excellence and reliability across a wide range of industries.

Shree Varudi Kraft Paper Production

Kraft paper has played a significant part in meeting the rising demand for more environmentally sustainable packaging alternatives. There is no doubting that kraft paper products have risen in popularity in the packaging industry, and their applications continue to develop. Kraft paper manufacture, like other paper manufacturing processes, comprises the chemical synthesis of hardwood to wood fibers and pulp.

The organic materials lignin and cellulose are necessary elements of timber. Because lignin does not make a good paper, it is separated from cellulose. To do this, woodchips are melted into a "white liquor" made of sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide. They extract and distinguish lignin and cellulose, yielding solid wood pulp and "black liquor." Wood chips are compressed to a pulp and screened to remove any larger particles. Before being manufactured into a range of paper products, the pulp is treated to remove any leftover heating solutions.

Higher quality kraft papers have been made possible by the production process and global dynamics. High BF Kraft paper bags, a relatively lower grade kraft paper product, are perfect for flexible packaging solutions. Low GSM Kraft paper, available in 60 – 100 GSM weights, on the contrary, is useful for a wide variety of purposes in a variety of industries.

Kraft Paper Types

There are various types of kraft paper produced, each of which has a set of specific industrial applications. Here are some distinct types of kraft paper and their use in various industries.

1. Virgin Kraft Paper

Natural Kraft paper, also known as Virgin Kraft paper, is sanitary and long-lasting, and it is used for applications that need endurance and high tensile strength. It is made using the Kraft method.

It comprises the phase transition of woodchips into wood pulp, which is similar to certain other paper manufacturing procedures. It is printable and a popular choice for personalized packing and labeled grocery bags, as well as an insulating barrier and transport papers.

2. Recycled Kraft Paper

While recycled kraft paper may not be as strong or durable as virgin kraft paper, it is a considerably more ecologically responsible packing material. Recycled kraft paper is great for wrapping, filling gaps in packing, and dunnage.

This paper, manufactured from recycled materials, would decompose quickly and easily, saving money.

3. Bleached Kraft Paper

Washed kraft paper is equivalent to organic kraft paper in regards to durability and stiffness. Moreover, white or bleached kraft paper gives an incredibly stunning impression when a crisp, clean style is desired.

Many eateries, for example, use white kraft paper as a stylish and cost-effective alternative to table linens. It is also good for packing and can endure regular stress and pressure on a commodity.

Shree Varudi has already established a strong foothold in Malaysia with their reliable product delivery and the ultimate quality of their product.

Article Published : 07-06-2022

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